INVADED: Home of Michael Alltop - Montclair, NJ
Michael Alltop, who visited the FUSE gallery show in NYC, bought this piece via mailorder after finding that his faves at FUSE were already snapped up by the time he was able to see the show.

Michael owns the print shown here, West Bank Taxi Ride, and is seen here with it proudly displayed
in his Montclair, NJ apartment.

Alltop has worked as Assistant Artistic Dir. of Theatreworks/USA, the largest not-for-profit producer of original works for young audiences. He acts as Literary Manager of all plays and musicals submitted to Theatreworks, aids in development of new projects, and assists in casting 40+ projects per year. Michael's current projects include Strange News From Another Planet, a theatrical work which made it's debut at the New York Fringe Festival '03.

Also of interest: one of Mark Mothersbaugh's Homefront Invasion! tour images was licensed to use for promotion of Strange News From Another Planet.

Michael comments on why he was drawn to this particular Mothersbaugh piece:

"I like the mystery of destination -where are they going? It appears that the central figure is being coerced into going somewhere against his or her will. The cowl is a type of blindfold, while the other two stare intently out the window.
This piece complements the other two works on this wall: an original 1933 Roualt litho from the Miserere
series & a modern-ish Mexican icon of Mary & Jesus...thematically they link up (I infer at least a passing reference to religious conflict in "West Bank Taxi Ride"), in addition to the fact that they focus on a stylization of the human face."

Thanks for supporting the Homefront Invasion, Michael! We hope Mark's postcard diary print will
bring you and your guests fodder for positive mutations for years to come.